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Glensford Beauty Academy offers 1200 CLOCK HOURS.

  • Description

    Program Description

    The program is designed to prepare students for the state licensing examinations and to obtain suitable employment upon graduation. Students enrolled in the course will be instructed in theory and practical application. Upon course completion, the students will be prepared to work in all phases of the cosmetology industry.

  • Outline

    Program Objective

    Theory class is held for 4 hours per week which includes the assignment for next class, summary of the class taught, and announcements of any test which may be coming. With this method, the instructor is not limited to the amount of material they may cover in class and may take questions from the students during the class. After each module is taught, a test is given and graded to measure each student’s knowledge concerning that particular subject. Grades are recorded in the student’s record. Any student that fails a test will be provided the opportunity to re-take the test.

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